NEST 2015 Year End Update

A PDF of Stefanie Sunderland’s Year End Update:

NEST 2015 Year End Update by Executive Director S Sunderland

NEST IS ON THE MOVE! With Phase II of the Witler Street Homeownership Project near completion, NEST (Northsiders Engaged in Sustainable Transformation) will focus in 2016 on development in the Fergus Street Homeownership target area.

Witler Street Homeownership Project:

  • Two newly constructed, 2,200 square foot single-family homes, located at 1722 Hanfield and 4137 Witler, are expected to be finished by February 2016 and may be listed as early as mid-December.

  • Funded in part by the City of Cincinnati through the HUD Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP), both homes will be offered for sale to households with incomes of 120% or less of the area median income. Designed and built by Creative Housing Solutions, both homes will feature an open first floor plan, three bedrooms, including a master, two and a half baths, high efficiency mechanicals and off-street parking.

  • These beautiful new homes are part of Phase II of the Witler Street Homeownership Project, also referred to as the Blockwatch 45223 Homeownership Project in honor of the courageous residents who volunteered countless and often challenging hours to take back their streets.

Fergus Street Homeownership Project:

  • Across Hamilton on Northside’s east side, Phase IV of the Fergus Street Homeownership Project, currently in the pre-development stage, will include:

    • New construction of one single-family home at the NW corner of Mad Anthony and Chase

    • The rehabilitation of four single-family houses, with one on Mad Anthony and three on Fergus.

  • NEST’s first of six planned “visitable” single-family homes – our solution to helping residents “age in place” throughout Northside. With new gap financing from the City of Cincinnati, NEST anticipates beginning development within the next couple of months, beginning with the three Fergus Street homes. Through grant funding from BB&T via the Community Development Corporations Association of Greater Cincinnati (CDCA), NEST has hired Northside-based architect Alice Emmons to help establish guidelines for the development of all of our visitable homes.

4000 Block Hamilton – Planning for Mixed-Use Redevelopment:

  • NEST has received a $15,000 grant of City funds from the CDCA to support planning for the mixed-use (retail, office, residential, etc.) redevelopment of the gateway 4000 block of Hamilton Avenue.  For 2016, NEST looks to work with the Northside Community Council, Northside Business Association, property owners and neighborhood residents to identify opportunities to revitalize and reactivate the 4000 block’s underutilized buildings.

When planning your end of the year contributions please consider adding NEST to your list. Your charitable gift to NEST is 100% tax deductible, stays in Northside, and guarantees continued development of affordable, energy efficient and sustainable homes in our community. NEST, formally recognized as CNCURC, is a 501(c)3, tax-exempt, tax deductible, non-profit corporation.

To donate by credit card or PayPal on-line, please visit Mail checks payable to NEST/CNCURC to 4129 Georgia Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45223.  For further information please contact Stefanie Sunderland at 542-4709 or by email at

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