Kinda Tiny Bites for Kinda Tiny Houses – September 25!

NEST Kinda Tiny House Event 20160829Help NEST kick-off our Kinda Tiny Houses Initiative with Kinda Tiny Bites, Live Music and Great Beer!  Join us Sunday, September 25th from 3:00-7:00PM at Urban Artifact – Northside’s outstanding craft brewery.  You’ll have a chance to view designs for NEST’s first Kinda Tiny Houses – undergoing rehab now on Fergus Street!

What is a Kinda Tiny House?  While the “tiny house movement” has caught fire across the country, these 100-500 square foot, mostly rolling homes aren’t for everyone.  NEST’s Kinda Tiny Houses will be “right-sized” at 600 – 1,000 square feet (and connected to sewer, water, gas and electricity). Suited to a range of audiences – baby boomers to millennials – they’ll fit buyers looking to downsize but stay in the neighborhood, or first-time home buyers targeting Northside on a budget. Built with a first floor bedroom and bathroom, each Kinda Tiny House also allows buyers the freedom to age in place while striving for full accessibility or, when infeasible given the existing home and site and budget constraints – maximum”visitability” – a measure of a place’s ease of access for people with disabilities.

NEST’s Kinda Tiny Houses will be rehabbed historic homes as well as some new-build structures, all providing an affordable, yet smaller option to buying/living in Northside. They will also help to ensure that our community maintains the economic diversity that makes Northside such a desirable place to live.


(Thanks to NEST board members Erin Prus and Bob Carbon for content.)



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