1422 Chase

Through its redevelopment leadership, NEST has provided a wide variety of moderately-priced and market-rate, energy-efficient housing choices that are aimed at improving the quality of life of Northside’s diverse residents. NEST’s sustainable and environmentally conscientious building practices contribute to less energy consumption and the organization’s focus on the Fergus Street Homeownership Project has led to a significant reduction in crime. Both initiatives have led to increased numbers of homes purchased and rehabilitated for and by home buyers interested in making Northside their home.

Some of our development accomplishments include:4179 Mad Anthony

  • Construction of the first two Silver LEED Certified single-family homes built in Cincinnati.
  • Green renovation and sale of five historic single-family units.
  • Rehabilitation and conversion of one historic mixed-use building into three green condo units.
  • Renovation of two green affordable single-family units designed for persons with disabilities.

Other green improvements sponsored by NEST include funding:NEST Reduce Recycle Run

  • Sidewalk cuts for the addition of 52 street trees.
  • Purchase of 65 recycled pickle barrels converted into rain barrels sold to low-income residents at a reduced price.
  • Stipends and activities for at-risk teens participating in a two year summer job training program.
  • Use of vacant NEST-owned land to raise vegetables for Northside’s Food Pantry.

NEST/CNCURC is a non-profit, 501 (c) 3 development corporation.